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A tiny, skittish chihuahua, Little Lu spends most of her life terrified of just about everything.  But when a thief breaks into her house, Little Lu faces a scary decision.  Read along to find out what Little Lu will do!

Sofie Kicks Back!

Sofie is an apple green recliner that was an important part of the Buckner family.  Sofie could rock, she could swivel, and she could recline!  She was especially loved by the young Flip Buckner.  But as the years went by, Sofie's condition began to sour.  Sofie soon became a hazard to anyone who sat on her.  Eventually Sofie was put aside and out of harm's way.  See what happens to Sofie when Flip grows up.

 Lorenzo the Iguana that Walked on Water

Lorenzo the Iguana suns himself on brick walls around the hotel in Cozumel, Mexico.  He finds simple pleasure in watching the tourists from a distance.  But one day Lorenzo ventures off to strut himself and get a closer look at the tourists.  Find out what happens when Lorenzo is noticed by a hotel porter!

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